Lifespan TR1200-DT3 TreadmillThe Lifespan TR1200 DT3 is a treadmill that you can use under your standing desk. This convenient treadmill is able to fit under most standing desks and will help you exercise while you are doing your work. This model gives you the flexibility to use the desk that you want or to turn your standing desk into a walking desk. Moreover, the Lifespan TR1200 is able to be bluetooth enabled so that you can download your walking activity to your computer. The Lifespan TR1200-DT3 will help you work out while you are sitting at your desk. It will help you burn calories and will exercise while you have to multi-task. This exercise invention will help you lose weight.


The pros of this product include the fact that you can use it under a standing desk quite comfortably. The Lifespan has some good safety features including a function where the treadmill will automatically stop the rolling if you decide to abruptly step off. This product is also bluetooth enabled, meaning that you can download your product to any computer for easy record keeping. Moreover, this product also has a small design so that you can discreetly put it on or under your desk. No one needs to know that you are looking. The small design also makes it easier to store.


The cons of this product would include the fact that it is not very amenable on the console. It doesn’t have a large readout so it does not read very high. Although it is quiet it does have very loud and annoying beeps when turning on and off. Unfortunately the console always resets to “0″ every time someone steps on or off of it. This is very inconvenient if someone is used to adjusting the speed to exactly where they want it when they begin. The console also has an easy time of getting misaligned.


The console does have its drawback but one benefit that it does have a quiet function. This console will help you get the exercise that you need while you are at your desk. One thing that people sometimes have to get used to would be in the function of typing while they are walking on the treadmill.  This does take some getting used to and it takes more getting used to in moving the mouse. You can read more in-depth reviews of this treadmill and other Lifespan treadmills at the Review Blog. Because of the lightweight function of this treadmill and because it is very quiet, it is very well worth the money and the investment. This product is also very easy to store and is very durable.