A bodybuilder to the core, Ron Nixon takes pride in his body and how he takes care of himself is evident in his lifestyle as well as his physical appearance. Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Ron acquired a love of physical health growing up on the outskirts of Idaho’s largest city on a family farm. No stranger to work, Ron spent his childhood picking and packaging hundreds of boxes of onions and worked on hay balers to help support his family and their small farm.

Ron’s day job is a daycare provider, which some may find surprising given his passion for bodybuilding. However, his love of children (he is the oldest of 5 children himself) and his entrepreneurial spirit makes this career choice perfect for his sensibilities. In addition to running a daycare center, he also volunteers his time to helping kids eat healthier and be more active, and is a fun and endearing coach his community loves.

Ron is the oldest of 5 children, and being the only boy in his family, he has a soft side that is surprisingly sweet considering his bulky build. While he does enjoy spending hours at a time in the gym keeping his physique in top form, he is also equally at home in the library reading his favorite book or jogging around the neighborhood with his border collies, Tiff and Angie. Ron can be seen by neighbors and friends jogging his 2 dogs 9 miles a day rain or shine just as the sun comes up in the morning.

Ron may be 41 years old, but his mental and physical abilities put him right up there with the young guns that he competes with on a daily basis. A professional bodybuilder by hobby, Ron prides himself in being dedicated to health, fitness, and nutrition and sticks to a strict protein-filled diet. Smoothies are his breakfast of choice, and he loves lean meats like poultry and fish to help keep him motivated during the day.

Whether he is hard at work entertaining young children at work or working hard to intimidate his competition on the stage, Ron Nixon is a formidable person with a great sense of health and character that people in his community love to know.